Lots of renovation works had made the surrounding of Rabindra Sarobar dry and dusty for which I stopped going there for my evening walks. The ruined view of the park would pain my heart. The boundary walls being broken and people from the nearby slums come and wash clothes, clean utensils even bath there and pollute the water. Trucks bringing materials for the renovation etc etc left the park in a mess. It literally stopped me from going there.

Today my driver did not turn out and my dotty had her swimming classes. But I was in no mood to go out in this scorching sun.  Co-incidentally her dad was home and he drove her to her swimming class.

The swimming pool being just adjacent to the lake premise, my man took the camera along with him. After he came back I was delighted to see the photographs. The lake once again got back its greenery. He said that construction work is still in progress yet its not that bad. Though I do not believe a man's eye in terms of cleanliness yet the photographs talked a lot. I think now I can to go and have a look . Here I am sharing some photographs with you all.

The other end of the park

A portion of the island

The island where migratory birds comes through out the year

This tree slowly and steadily lost its bark itself

It has no bark on its trunk

Lots of high rises surrounding the lake

Rowers rowing 

The gulmohar tree in its full bloom

The other side of the lake

The bridge connecting the two banks of the lake..

A statue of a couple-the tree depicting the man and the vine the woman

The island which was dry has gained a lot of its greenery

Construction work in progress

The make shift tent houses of the labourers still there

Hoping that the lake will once again gain its beauty and serenity I today conclude here and last but not the least thank my man for taking the trouble to click such beautiful photographs for me. 


  1. Please thank him from me for taking these wonderful photos Ranita. I always enjoy seeing other parts of the world and it is always good to hear a beautiful area such as you have described is making a return to normalcy. Wishing you a very happy weekend. Denise :)

  2. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

  3. Amazing pictures. Pictures really do talk louder then words :)

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos!

  5. Those are amazing beautiful pictures .. and your man has done a splendid job.. so Thank you to him tooo ..


  6. Beautiful shots of wonderful place.

  7. Good to know that somewhere such places are being restored.


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