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Craft Work

Being in a co-ed school, there was always an option of choosing the crafts between the one meant for girls and the one for the boys. I had never chosen the ones meant for the girls until once it was made mandatory that girls have to do the crafts meant for them only. It was designing cross stitch patterns on a table cloth.
One day before my craft class, my mother tried hard to make her daughter master the skill. She even bought a pattern book so that I could choose the best pattern for me. But the girly things were never meant for me. Being pretty sure that nobody would be able to complete the work in the specified time, I somehow made sure that the class gets over without the teacher noticing my inability to do it. As expected none of the girls could finish the work on time and the teacher asked to complete it at home. So, I very happily took the work home for my mother to complete it.
But now, being a mother myself, there is no room for escape from the situation. Now, I have to hel…

Shooting at Doordarshan Kendra

The whole of last week was very hectic for Akanksha. Early morning she went to school and after school she had to rush to her dance school for rehearsals for a shooting of a Manipuri dance drama-Krishna Lila, at the Doordarshan Kendra on Saturday to be telecast on the occasion of Janmasthmi. 
On Saturday, all the not less than 30 odd participants reached the Doordarshan premises at the scheduled time of 12 noon. All the participants were accompanied by their moms and curious relatives. I alone accompanied Akanksha as her father had a working day. Yet he was humble enough to drop us at the venue.

The Kolkata Doordarshan Kendra is situated at the posh Golf Green area in the Southern fringe of the city. It is merely one and a half kilometers from our house. As soon as we entered the building the temperature became soothing as the whole of the building is air conditioned. It has lavish rooms and spacious corridors. The whole building is so large that it will take quite sometime to get ac…

Trip to Ooty Part-1

Approach summer vacation, my heart start pumping faster. 24X7 daughter will be home and every day have to be ready with something exciting for her. Also, she always complains that we do not take her anywhere during her vacations. Actually, the duo's (father and daughter) holiday never gel with each other. But this year was exception. Father was on an official meet till the 11th of May in Bangalore and daughter's vacation was to start from the 12th of May. So, dad made sure not to loose the opportunity and asked us to join him on the 12th in Bangalore so that we can spent a couple of days in Ooty. We packed our bags and baggage and boarded the morning flight to Bangalore.
Akanksha was very excited. Her excitement was exaggerated by the glimpse of her classmate in the flight who was on the way to her homeland, Kerela, with her mother and sister. I exchanged my seat with Merlin(my daughter's classmate) and both the young ladies had a great time together.
By noon we reached B…