Past Memories...

Today I was just going through my old photos and videos at Picasa and I came over a small video clip of two and a half year old Akanksha, dancing at the tune of Suhag Chand Bodoni Dhoni Nacho toh Dekhi, a Bengali folk song. It was shoot by Anindya after we returned from the Annual function of her play school. It was not the dance she performed at the function but was one of her favourite songs and she used to dance the whole day. How time flies. Never thought that this little angel of us would grow up so fast. Nothing special but just thought of sharing. 


  1. Such a cute kiddo! :D

  2. What do you mean, nothing special. It is so! I can see she liked dancing even then, and didn't she look cute? It's good to look back and remember!

  3. This is a treasured find and a wonderful video. She is adorable, a sweet little girl.

  4. How darling! I really love this! :)

  5. Thank you all for your beautiful comments..


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