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Mother Nature

Last year on our return journey from Ooty to Bangalore, at Masinagudi reserve forest we were mesmerised by the sight of a pair of peacocks playing by the road side, unaware of the passersby. It was such a divine sight. We waited there for quite long looking at them. I wanted to get down from the car. But the driver asked me not to disturb them. I obeyed him and just watched from inside the car. 

At first we sighted one on a tree.

After a few metres we saw two of them searching food by the road side.

While we were clicking photographs it seemed as if they were posing for us.

They were dancing, hugging, cuddling each other

Our car went quite close to them. But they seemed to ignore us.

It was such a delightful sight that I was not eager to leave them behind till they moved out themselves. But the driver insisted that it was too late and that we had to cover quite a distance. With a heavy heart we had to move from there. But, till date whenever I remember that sight I feel so serene ins…