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"Your laptop is now a vintage. Its of no use. The battery is totally gone and now the new technology is so advanced that Apple stopped manufacturing parts of this vintage model. But if you are lucky to get a battery, it might cost you around Rs. 13,000- 14,000. But that too we can't assure you that we  will be able to get you one". These were the lines uttered by the employees of the few Apple service centers available in our city whom we approached for purchasing a new battery for our Macbook. We were upset to loose our favorite laptop. I was literally mad at them for depicting it as a vintage. It was only six years old and was running fine. We never had a problem with it except that one day the battery stopped working and how, we have no idea.

My vintage Macbook
Now, we were left with only one laptop at home which my husband carried office. After he came back from office there was a tug-of-war between me an Akanksha for the same and when he was out of station we had to spent days without it. I was  upset as I was not able to concentrate on my blog and Akanksha would always complain and ask for a new one. But since my husband is a Mac maniac he was not ready to buy anything but a Mac. But it was too costly at that moment as we had some recent huge monetary outflow. Yet we were thinking of buying one on EMI. 

We were searching the net for the latest version of Mac. Akanksha was eying for a MacBook Air but the cost was quite high. In the mean time Anindya might be filling the pinch in his pocket. He was desperately searching the net, not for a new laptop but for the battery of our old one. One evening after returning from office he said that he had found the battery on Flipkart. But he said that he was not sure if they would be able to deliver the same as they charged only Rs.2500/- whereas the service centre people asked us so much. I was quite content hearing it and assured him that if Flipkart is showing the material available that it is sure to come. But my husband was not able to believe that the thing he was searching for so many days was so easily available. 

The battery delivered by Flipkart
To Anindya's surprise, not only that the material was so easily available at such a cheaper rate but it was delivered before time. After I received the material I called up Anindya and told him that the material was delivered, he asked me to open and see if the material was really inside. I told him that Flipkart is a renowned online name, they will certainly not compromise with their service. Then he asked me to take pictures of the same and send him via mail. After he got the photographs he was content that the material was right but he came early from office to see if it really works and fixed it into the laptop and gave a broad smile when it worked. It was good to see him relaxed from the burden of buying a new computer just for the sake of our happiness. 

My laptop working fine
We were so thankful to Flipkart for solving our problem so easily and that too at such a cheaper rate. The only difference with the battery is that the logo of Apple is not there. But we are satisfied that our favorite computer is once again working fine. Yet confused how the people of the service centre could not provide us even when we were ready to pay what they asked for. It might be because the one we purchased is a made in China product and Apple will certainly not compromise with their brand. 

One thing I must say, I have purchased a lot through Flipkart - right from books to clothes to bags to kitchen machinery to this battery and every time they just got better with their service. They never let us down and online shopping is just so fun.


  1. Flipkart is indeed wonderful!

  2. Looks like Flipkart is India's Amazon.

  3. Wow, that is fantastic.

  4. Our saviours are Amazon! So all's well that end's well for you, but I know how frustrating it is to have a computer breakdown. It just shows how much I rely on mine for communication etc.

    I'm playing catch-up after my few days away.... and thank you for your lovely comment on the birthday post.

  5. This sounds great. Online shopping is something that I have never done yet. I am so behind the times. :)


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