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It have been months not writing in my blog, nor reading any posts of any of my blogger friends. But regularly keeping a track of my ever dropping page views that keeps reminding me that I have to act, else my blog is going to be a thing of yore.
Everyday I sit on my computer and think that I am definitely going to write something today. The moment I open my page, something stops me. I don't know what. But, today I have decided not to sleep without posting something in my blog.
But, what am I going to write and why will people read what I will write after I suddenly vanished without informing anybody. Than, I thought that I should not hide my feelings and open up. I must share what kept me away from the blogging world for so long. Than again, what will happen to my belief :
"There is no market for emotions. So never advertise your feelings."
But today I went through a quote by one of my cousins, who lost his father recently. He wrote :
"Once you realise you're not…