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Life Is More Precious

Rita waited for her husband's return home from work, with his favourite food ready to be served. Her seven years old daughter was asleep while her two years old bubbly daughter was still awake. Rita was cheerful after days because her husband Krishna promised her the other day that he will give up drinking, that too swearing on his daughters.
The bell rang, Rita opened the door and found Krishna drunk. She could not believe what she saw. She could not believe that the father of her daughters did not keep his words even after vouching on their daughters. They had a heated argument. It was a daily phenomenon in their life. As usual Krishna went to sleep without having his food.
Rita was furious and crying unconsolably. Whenever they had a fight, Rita used to threaten to end her life someday, so, thinking it to be a regular thing Krishna did not pay heed to her. But that day, she, in a fit of rage drenched with kerosene and set herself on fire. When the fire caught she did not move …

After a long gap and.....

Its been more than a year I was out of the blogging world and I am once again trying very hard to dare to write something into my blog. I do not know if my blogging friends who used to be kind enough to visit my blog still remember me or not. 
I do not know what kept me away from blogging. I found nothing to write or it would be right to say that I was having a mental block. It is not that after a year I am here and right away I am writing this post. N number of times I tried to write something but hesitated. Today also, I am not sure I shall publish whatever I am writing.
It was not that I did not have anything to write. The last whole year had a few happy and proud moments which were worth sharing with you all. I am not sure you all will be interested in reading what I am writing because it is just about me. Because I always find it easy to write something which I have experienced. With the hope that you all will support me as you did earlier, I am daring to continue.
Akanksha, if …