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Instinctive feeling is it?

Dad was very much willing to see at least one doctor from among his four children. He tried whatever he could to fulfil his desire. He admitted us to decent schools, always helped us with our studies, provided private tutors, etc,.
My dad was very focused of what he wanted his children to be. On the other hand the saddest part for us was that the medical college was and still is situated on a hill top just in front of our house. Every day dad used to show us the college and remind us of how fortunate we were to be born there, else people come from so far off places to study there. Everyday it had as if become a ritual for us to hear those lines which we secretly hated.
His first struggle started with his eldest son, a die hard cricket fan and a district level player himself. Dad was so determined that one fine day he took my brother to visit the medical college, hoping that the atmosphere there might help my cricket crazy brother to divert his mind from cricket to studies. But my brot…

Oil and water

I am the third among four siblings and the closest to dad. I always used to cling to him all the time. I used to work in the garden with him, used to go to the market, to most of the morning and evening walks, to all his friend's houses. In short he was the best of friends. 

During our walks to the market or during our morning or evening walks he always used to talk about the childhood pranks of himself and his friends, which I used to enjoy thoroughly.  

One day, I had a good thrashing from my mom for spending some money (without her permission) she gave me to buy grocery from the nearby grocery shop. I was very upset. In the evening dad asked me to accompany him for a walk. I followed him. He knew I was very upset. He knew that I did something wrong but he did not tell anything to me. My dad never used to scold us whenever mom used to do it. He just told me that I should not repeat it because it was not good.
Than he started narrating a story of one of his friends who did someth…

Evening Sky

Today's evening sky from our balcony


Reaching home from school the first words Akanksha uttered- lets do it. I pretended of not understanding, at which she started screaming. She started complaining that every day I make fake promises and that she would not have food unless I allow her to prepare the cake.
Knowing very well that there was no scope for escape, I allowed her to do the same under one condition that she would clean up the after mess. She promised to do so.
She asked me to keep away from helping her and that I should concentrate only on taking photographs so that I could post it in my blog and that everybody should know that she can bake all by herself.
And thus she starts her preparation - grinding, sieving, whisking, greasing etc. etc. 
Busy mixing butter and sugar

Posing for me
Mixing all the ingredients that too quite competently 
While she was greasing the baking tin I sat down and started reading a book. When, I was in a deep slumber I could not understand. When I woke up her cake was already baked and…


Exams are over and my nightmare starts because everyday I have to bring out something new to keep Akanksha busy and entertained. Though school is not yet closed, its going to be from Monday for ten long days. Her mood swings every now and then. At one moment she is willing to go and watch a movie, once its over she starts planning to visit a game parlour. The very next moment she will insist to go to an amusement park. With every move my purse tend to loose weight.
Recently, she has developed a new love in the field of cooking and baking. Now most of the time you would find her either watching a food channel or browsing the net on how to bake cakes or to decorate a cake. I thought, chalo, my money is saved. But, good God! it is becoming more expensive.
In the recent past she has baked a few cakes which surprisingly turned out quite perfect.

but now her challenge is to decorate a cake properly. For this again I have to purchase a hand blender because whipping the cream with the hand d…

Longing for you

I left you twelve years ago,
Without giving a second thought.
I was being selfish.

You were my love, my passion,
But my new love was
Far more appealing.

When you were in my life,
Felt that many like you
just come and go.

Now, after twelve years
When my love has grown up,
You linger in my thought.

But when I look for you
Find that you have grown so big,
You deny to recall.

I know you are mad at me,
But just look at me once,
Me, once your passionate lover.

I am fearful to approach you,
You have broadened the path.
But, did you really forget me?

Please let me know,
How to come close to you,
'cause 'my Career', till now I long for you.

Here, the love referred to is my job that I left for my new love (my daughter).