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Dalia Kheer

One of my cousins once posted a recipe of Dalia Kheer in Face Book. It was so tempting that the very next day I prepared it and it turned out to be very tasty. As I always prefer easy to prepare recipes it was the one meant for me. 
Yesterday being a holiday for both my husband and daughter I thought of preparing something to munch in the evening. But since there was nothing except milk left in the refrigerator, the idea of dalia kheer came to my mind. As usual it turned out quite yummy! and hence I thought of sharing it here..
Ingredients needed  :
dalia            250gms milk             11/2 liters sugar            1 cup jaggery         50 gms(optional) butter/ghee   1 tea spoon cardamom     3 or 4 (roughly grounded) bay leaf         2 dry fruits       as per required
Boil the milk with bay leaf and grounded cardamom till it is thick. Than add dalia and simmer the flame and cook. After sometime put the sugar, jagery and dry fruits and cook till the dalia is tender. When the dalia…

Chilka Lake

Serenity at its optimum..

My Angel turns Ten Today

I look back a decade ago.. The day you entered our lives.. And brewed us blessed..
We started breathing life only for you.. Enjoying every motion made.. Your grin made us blest and your sob worried..
You taught us to be obliged.. And to be calm.. Molding us to be better humans..
We try to protect you.. And fulfill your desire.. But always with hidden wish that.. You be ever blessed by the almighty..
On this very day, to My Lord! I bow down my head in gratitude.. To be blessed with an angel like you..
Happy Birthday Nanaii(Akanksha)!! May Almighty bestow all his blessings on you..

Krishna Katha

After struggling a lot and with constant support from my husband, right from buying a TV tuner card only for recording this particular video to editing and processing, I am able to share the video with you all. 
Today I am in love with all the gadgets and wires used by my tech savvy husband, which always messed my house and used to get to my nerves. It is because of his madness that today I am able to come up with the video. Hope not to complain any more in the near future.  
The actual duration of the video was 26.45 mins, but since it was too lengthy and YouTube did not support, it was cut short to 14.55 mins and finally I managed to upload it. Since, I have to limit the duration many things have to be omitted. Still hope you all will like it. Thanks for all your support, blessings and best wishes. 

Video source : DD Bangla

Program Telecast Timing

This is in reference to my earlier post Shooting At Doordarshan Kendra where many of my blogger friends asked me to inform them about the date of my daughter's performance to be telecast on Doordarshan. The program Krishna Katha will be telecast today at DD Bangla at 9.30am (IST) and the repeat telecast will be again on 9.30 am(IST) on 12th August 2012. 
Since my set top box does not have the facility to record any program, I will try my best to record it with my handy cam. Though I am doubtful of getting any positive result. In case it comes in a positive way I will surely upload the video here as requested by the ones who stay out of India.
Wish you all will watch the program and bless the children.

Happy Raksha Bandhan

I grew up holding your hands Oblivious of the surroundings.. My world was confined around you  Obeying your mischievous errands..
I blindly followed you Though mostly led to trouble.. With you by my side, felt as if  I can win all battle..
We fought, we patched, We were the worst of foes And the best of friends..
As I grew, you protected me.. Like a father you cared.. Like friends we shared..
After Dad you silently took his place And tried to fill the vacuum.. And you still treat me as a child  Forget not, I am myself a mum..
I know I will always be That little sister for you.. And you will always be  My macho hero, bro..
On this special day  Remembering and longing for you.. May all sisters be blessed with a brother like you..
Happy Rakhi Borda.. Love you and miss you always..