Children's Summer Cooking Camp

The recipe book provided in the class
Akanksha today attended a one day summer cooking camp. Two days back she searched and got the address of the same. From then onwards she was pestering me to enrol her name. I had a talk with her dad and he gave the go ahead. Since she is so passionate about cake making and the class was concentrating on cake making, he allowed her to join.

Day before yesterday I talked to them and they asked us to join the class to be held the next day. But due to some unavoidable circumstance we could not but we were lucky to find that they had a class today from 11am till 3.30pm. First I was thinking that whenever anybody call them they might just ask them to come over. So with many questions in mind I took Akanksha there. I thought that first I would look at the environment, if it is ok I will let her continue else I would bring her back along.

We reached at the venue 15 minutes before time. The class was in the third floor of a reputed hotel. After we reached the room we rang the door bell. When they opened the door there were already few little girls of Akanksha's age. As we entered the room I had a possitive feeling. The lady who organises the class was already there preparing the materials and an assistant was welcoming the students and their parents and enrolling their names. The room was equipped with enough cooking aids and a big screen is fitted in the front, for all the participants to have a proper view of what the teacher is doing.

After I paid the money they asked me to come and fetch Akanksha at 3.30pm and ask me not to bother about her lunch and all, because they would be taking care of everything. As many more parents had left their daughters there and the ambiance turned out to be quite good I left.

Sharp 3.30pm I was there but from the glass door I could see that the class was still in progress. I waited in the lobby of that floor for sometime but found that a mother went inside, so I also accompanied her. The girls were in their final stage. They were wrapping all the things they prepared in the class. Seeing me the teacher, Mrs. Manju Sethia called me and told me that Akanksha was brilliant in class and that she already knows more than anything a girl of her age should know. She called her a passionate learner. I felt really proud. After that Mrs. Sethia asked the girls to keep on practicing what she had taught. Sharing a few photographs I just clicked with my mobile camera.

The class room

Akanksha smiling after seeing me

The different items they prepared

The cake she prepared but the ganache melted by the rime we reached home 

Akanksha posing with her final product

We thanked the teacher and took her permission to leave and came out. They have handed over everything they were taught in the class. They taught cake making, cake decorating, different types of chocolate making, two types of cookies, cup cakes and cup cake decoration. Akanksha told that they have taught many more recipes which they ate in the class. Akanksha was very happy attending the camp.

Reaching home she prepared a snack with oats, milk and honey which was very tasty. She just mixed one cup of milk, one cup oats and half cup of honey and blended it in a mixer. Then she greased the pre heated bread toaster with a little butter and spread the mixture into it and left it for two minutes and it was ready to eat. She told that her teacher served it with maple syrup but since we did not have the same at home she served with honey and it was really very tasty. She told me that the snack is called waffle and it is very healthy.

Waffle prepared by Akanksha


  1. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..........thats brilliant......
    i really like the passion and the drive of Akanksha....[true to her name] ranita would have yummy cakes at her home.........
    thanks ranita writing this piece since i didn't know cooking classes do take place..........i appreciate ranita for making her daughter wish to get fulfilled..

  2. Akanksha - the Junior Masterchef!!

  3. mouth watering cake n snacks with lovely kid. nice post.

  4. Enjoy the cakes and cookies and Waffles too. :)
    It looks like you really do have a passionate learner there. Sweet.

  5. All look delicious ... specially the effort she has done to make and present all the delicacies.... lucky Mom :) All the best Akanksha ...

  6. I see a bright future for Akanksha. She is really talented in many ways.

  7. ooooh i would not mind some of that cake myself ... I am drooling ..

    Well done to the little one and god bless


  8. What a wonderful way to spend a day. Akanksha certainly looks as though she is enjoying herself with that lovely smile, and her culinary creations look delicious!

  9. This is fantastic! Akanksha is lovely and I love her smile! The food looks great.

  10. Your daughter is a great chef.

  11. That must be an amazing and tasty experience for her. She is looking so happy here.

  12. Wow!
    I am very happy to see Akansha progressing in every field. I appreciate your guidance as a parent and her keen interest about learning. She has a bright future ahead.
    Oh! the cake looks yum!
    Within a day class they taught a lot of things! Mrs. Sethia's words making me feel proud as well.

    My hearty wishes to you and family.

  13. I truly enjoyed reading this post !

  14. I think it's a great idea to teach kids such an important life skill as learning how to cook!

  15. Someday Akanksha will be a famous pastry chef and I'll have to come all the way from Hawaii to taste her specialty offerings. How fabulous!


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