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Today is a special day for us. It is the last day of the Hindu calender year. On this day we the Bishnupriya Manipuri community make special offerings to the Lord. We cook different pure vegetarian delicacies and make the offerings on a banana leaf outside the main gate. The offering is done by the eldest member of the family. After the offering is done the cooked items are exchanged among the neighbors and relatives and than consumed. This festival is known as Bishu.
On this day the whole house is cleaned and the kitchen is mainly cleaned of all non-veg items. Once properly cleaned the food is cooked. On this day the alters and deities of every household is cleaned and new clothes are worn by all. It is said that in ancient times on this day the offering was made of 108 food items. But now a days due to many reasons it is practiced no more.
It is believed that by cleaning the house, wearing new clothes and worshiping the Lord everyone is preparing to welcome the new year with fresh…

Emotional Farewell

Akanksha is gaining proficiency in the art of cake making. After the first cake she made she had excelled a lot. Now, she is always ready to bake a cake. Now my neighbours come and ask for recipes of cake from her. They even invite her to their home to make sure that the cake comes out properly. Is not it funny?

The above cake she baked on the 31st of March for our landlady whose birthday Akanksha never forgets. Our land lady was overwhelmed to see Akanksha bake a delicious cake for her.

Yesterday night she baked two cakes - a farewell cake for her cousin brother who is leaving Kolkata for Assam where he is going to join a new job and a birthday cake for her cousin sister who stays miles away. The cake was shared through facebook.

The birthday cake for her cousin sister
Her sister was very happy to see the cake on facebook and messaged back:

awww....thats so sweet of u all  thanks to all of you n special thanks to my lil sister..she made my day wid dis cake 

The farewell cake for her …

Fan's resentment

Now a days, as I mentioned earlier, I am able to somehow control my anger and emotions to some extent, which was not possible earlier. it is not that I do not have mood swings and neither it is that I do not get angry. But now, I seem to realise and control it.
We women had lot of things to get disturbed. Moreover, we Indian housewives are pampered by the maid servants so much that their absence seem to make us mentally misbalanced. Since my maid left me in the mid ocean with all the uncleaned kitchen utensils, laundry, cleaning, cooking etc., my temper always remains at the saturated level, ready to explode at the simplest of pretext. 
But of late, I am somehow able to guard my anger. But yesterday was an unusual day. The whole day was passing off quite pleasantly. Hurriedly I tried to complete my house hold chores as in the evening Indian cricket team was going to have its world cup final match against Sri Lanka. 
May be, as I was born in a family of sportspersons or may be because…

The Secret

I am basically a very impatient person. I get irritated at the smallest of things. I do not like when things does not work out the way I want. Also there is a believe in me that if the morning when I wake up is not pleasant my whole day gets ruined. This attitude of mine effects the people around me, I understand that but I cannot change my attitude.
Yesterday was the worst of such a day. In the morning I woke up with a call from my maid that she will not come to work anymore because of some personal problem. The news was as if I was struck by a thunder. But for a change I did not react. I just started to do the house hold chores. 
The next was that my daughter was driving me crazy from quite few days to visit our neighbour who had shifted to another locality. They have a little boy for whom she is mad. Since her school is beginning from today I thought of taking her to visit them yesterday but after calling came to know that they are out of station and that they would be reaching hom…