Longing for you

I left you twelve years ago,
Without giving a second thought.
I was being selfish.

You were my love, my passion,
But my new love was
Far more appealing.

When you were in my life,
Felt that many like you
just come and go.

Now, after twelve years
When my love has grown up,
You linger in my thought.

But when I look for you
Find that you have grown so big,
You deny to recall.

I know you are mad at me,
But just look at me once,
Me, once your passionate lover.

I am fearful to approach you,
You have broadened the path.
But, did you really forget me?

Please let me know,
How to come close to you,
'cause 'my Career', till now I long for you.

Here, the love referred to is my job that I left for my new love (my daughter).


  1. Painfully written and many can relate to it!!!

  2. It's lovely to be in love with our work, but giving up is easy when other loves take its place. Do you now wish to return?

    1. When you are done and have nothing much productive to do than I think the mind look for something we left behind..I always wanted to return Velerie..

  3. Best wishes in case you get back to your career or you decide to stay back as a wonderful homemaker!! A win win situation!!

    1. Thanks Deepak, Positive thinking always makes life simple..

  4. A lovely poem Ranita, beautifully written.

  5. Nice poem. Wish you all the best.

  6. @Ranita Ba Nice to read your poem. Wish you all the best :)

  7. What do you plan about rejoining work?


    1. Yes trying but thinking of doing something myself..


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