Exams are over and my nightmare starts because everyday I have to bring out something new to keep Akanksha busy and entertained. Though school is not yet closed, its going to be from Monday for ten long days. Her mood swings every now and then. At one moment she is willing to go and watch a movie, once its over she starts planning to visit a game parlour. The very next moment she will insist to go to an amusement park. With every move my purse tend to loose weight.

Recently, she has developed a new love in the field of cooking and baking. Now most of the time you would find her either watching a food channel or browsing the net on how to bake cakes or to decorate a cake. I thought, chalo, my money is saved. But, good God! it is becoming more expensive.

In the recent past she has baked a few cakes which surprisingly turned out quite perfect.

but now her challenge is to decorate a cake properly. For this again I have to purchase a hand blender because whipping the cream with the hand does not work properly.

This is the cake she decorated with cream whipped by hand

So, last week we bought a hand blender (a cheaper version) online. It is really very handy and consumes very less time. Also quite powerful.

From quite few days, she has been insisting to buy the necessary ingredients for baking and icing her cake. So, at last, yesterday we had been to the supermarket to buy the ingredients.

Now, within a few minutes she will be home from school and will be busy with all this. Just praying to almighty whatever she prepares may it come out properly, else the whole process will be repeated, does not know how many times.

Will let you know the out come, whatever it may be.


  1. thats good interest..very creative ....i think it is much better going out and spending on stuff.....don't worry let your daughter enjoy what she do.....


    1. Yes Pankaj and I found that it was worth spending the money..

  2. I suppose once the essential tools have been purchased the cost will lessen. At least this way you know where she is and what her interests are. If baking is anything like her dancing she will be a brilliant cook.

    1. Yes Valerie, after buying all the essentials now baking and icing does not cost much..she already gives me tips on cooking which I find really useful..


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