Memorable 36

On 14th June at around 11.50 pm there was a knock at the door. One of my nephews was standing there sweating profusely. He said that he was at a client's place nearby and since he got late there, he thought of coming to our place. Somehow not being convinced to buy his words, I went to the kitchen to prepare something for him to eat. 

After about 10 mins again there was a knock at the door. I opened it and this time I found another two of my nephews who stays nearby standing at the door with tensed faces. Seeing them I was convinced that something was terribly wrong. I asked them to come inside. 

As they entered there was an outburst of HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes from four of them- my daughter and three of my nephews. I was shocked as I totally forgot that it was 15th June, the day I came to this world 36 years ago. I could not understand how to react. It took a few moments to recollect myself, as I was prepared not for Birthday wishes but for some horrible news. I was very happy as well as confused. I went to the kitchen to turn off the gas stove.

Once I came back to the living room, to my surprise, a gorgeous chocolate cake from the best baker in town - The Cookie Jar was waiting for me. It was the tastiest of cakes I ever had since it was brought with so much love and affection. Later I came to know that the mastermind was my ten years old daughter.
A gift of love from my nephews and my daughter
Usually I prefer to spent the D day in a plain and simple manner but this year it started with a bang followed by txt wishes from one of my dear brothers Pragyan and a long distance call from my hubby which was long indeed :-). Early next morning I was awoke with a call from my niece with an urge to check my mail at a priority basis. I at once logged into my mail and it was like Wowwww! It was a wonderful collage from her with heart touching captions. This lovely gesture of her moistened my eyes and it was indeed one of the best birthday gifts I ever received. 

A wonderful gift from my niece
But the day did not end here. I invited my nephews for dinner, also there were N numbers of messages in Face Book with birthday wishes from friends which needed to be replied back and also one of my cousin brother and a cousin sister got to know about it from Face Book and they got invited themselves and arrived with gifts. 

A lovely gift from my sister-in-law

A lovely traditional phanek enaphi from my cousin sister
 It was pretty embarrassing to see them come and wish me with gifts. Also I was not prepared to throw a party. Still managed to cook dinner for all with capable helpers like my sister and my sister-in-law and surprisingly the dinner turned out to be a tasty one. It got over at around 12.30 pm. 

Thus this birthday turned out to be the most memorable one with lots of surprises and best wishes from all near and dear ones. My heartiest thanks to all for making my day so wonderful. 


  1. Thanks Paulami..thanks a lot..

  2. first of all happy birthady.

    I visited here via (yes, I am too despearte to make people read MY BLOG snd become its ember.. *sigh*)

    Anyways, oming over to your post, nice writing style, i must say. Though I had expected some garnish of humour too but it was compensated with your fluent and ellusive writing style.

    Despite of being not-that-enough-important-to-give-a-damn type of genre, I still liked it.


    1. Thanks Almost Engineer for liking my post..visited ur blog too and found it very spicy..

  3. liked your title Memorable 36.
    Want to ask ,why 36 ?
    Read your blog,nice.

    1. Thanks Gunjan Kumar for liking the title and also my blog..36 because on that very day I became 36 years old and because all my near and dear ones made the day special for me it is visit again..

  4. That's a great work Roni. I've gone through your writings and liked each one. Thanks for sending me the link.

    Great work! Keep it up

  5. I must say again that the dinner was awesome because it was served with love.

    1. thanks and all of ur presence made my day..

  6. That was soo nice :) Happy Birth day !! Sorry for missing your birthday, but I didn’t know that people like you grow older.haha .

    1. Thanks Ajanta for ur wish..yes people like me too could not resist the law of nature..:-P


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