A Healthy Breakfast

Want to prepare something healthy and filling for breakfast in a hurry? Here is a dish healthy enough, just right for a child above one years of age to an older member of the family. It is less in calories and rich in fiber and hence helps in digestion and also weight loss. It has all necessary vitamins and though you can't call it protein rich yet it has a portion of protein in it too. It is worthy of being consumed by diabetic and persons having high blood pressure. It is the Dalia Upma.

The ingredients :

Dalia    :    1 cup
Beans   :   1/2 cup chopped
Carrot   :   1/2 cup finely chopped
Peas     :    handful
onion    :    one large chopped
chillies  :    2 nos chopped
ghee/oil :  1/2 table spoon
salt        :   as per taste
few mustard seeds, 2 bay leaves/few curry leaves, 1 dry chilli for saute

Preparation :

Heat a pressure cooker in the gas stove. Put ghee and when it is a little hot put mustard seeds, bay leaves/curry leaves and red chilli and saute for few seconds than put the onion. When the onion turns a bit golden put the vegetables and salt and fry for 2 mins. Than put the dalia and cook for 2 more minutes. Now, put water(the water should just cover the ingredients). Than pressure cook the whole thing till two whistles. Your dalia upma is ready. Once the lid of the pressure cooker opens, serve the upma with a cup of hot tea. 

The whole process takes not more than 10 mins but the taste is awesome.


  1. Nice recipe .. Seems easy and delicious ... @Health food ...

    Visiting you from Indiblogger

    Hope to see you on my blog at Plain Books

  2. Thanks a lot Abhishek for liking my post..Yes the food is really delicious and healthy too..try once u will like it..I visited ur blog and really really liked it..

  3. looks interesting, trying it tomorrow :)

  4. though i uesd to have Dalia but never taken in this form...now i am going to try this, it looks so easy and the best part is i can do it myself, so no need to trouble my better half....:))

  5. Looks yum! My mom actually knows this recipe!!

  6. I make it but I'll try your style this time. Thanks:)

  7. Healthy breakfast is very important for healthy lifestyle, you have to eat breakfast which helps your body to get the fat and vitamins and minerals.

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