Vacation Work

A month long vacation with an additional extension of one week because of the scorching heat is over today. Hereby all the late nights and late mornings come to an end. Though late night is yet an option but late mornings are a big no no. Why? because every morning my daughter has to leave home for school at sharp 7 O' clock, five days a week. 

A vacation work, a project on 'any state of India you visit during your summer holidays' is finally wrapped up today. Since we visited Bangalore, Mysore and Ooty during the vacation, Akanksha choose the state of Karnataka for her project. 

The ultimate day started as below..


Followed by more chaotic deeds as time rushed out rapidly..

And the end result..aarrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!

The red border on the photograph is not at all complementing the overall look. But when one do not do the right thing at the right moment he/she has to end up with what ever resource he/she has. Our situation was somewhat similar to that. When finally at 11.30 p.m. we tried to stick the photograph with gum on the front cover, it did not work. We had to put cello tape to stick but since plain cello tape wont look good we thought of putting colored tape but this is the only color left at home and no more grace time left, so we have to be content with it.

Now, waiting eagerly with fingers crossed for the teacher's feedback. Hope the teacher will be in a cheerful mood tomorrow.


  1. You really are a good mother.

  2. It is adrenalin rush on the last day of vacation. For the parents and the children.
    It does not matter at all, so long as she did the work. Rest is only for experience.

    Have a good time.
    Gardenerat60 at Pattu's Terrace Garden.

    1. thanks for ur wonderful words of is indeed always an adrenaline rush on the 11th hour of every project and also loads of experiences are awaiting..


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