Childhood Memory

Yesterday evening having nothing much to do - not in a mood to go outside because of the scorching heat, just finished reading a book and not having another one at that moment, also read the whole newspaper right from weather forecast to classifieds, so, thought of logging in to Face Book after a couple of days. 

But once I logged in I was giggling. I was not able to control my excitement. Looking at my face my daughter got to know there was something that brought that unusual expression in my face. Being curious she started inquiring why was I giggling so much. Since I did not respond to her, she peeped into the PC and in a very astonished voice she was shooting one question after another, "What is this? Who are they? Are these your school photographs? Are they your friends?".

My classmate Sazid Asraf now a friend in FB uploaded two group photographs of class VI(1997) and class VII(1998).

I was so excited that I gave a tight hug and a kiss to my daughter and said, "Yes, look! they are my class mates", and I introduced her to all my friends one by one but few I could not name. Can't believe I forgot the names of my classmates. It pained. But after brushing my memory, a few I could recollect which made the pain lessen a bit. 

I was smiling and sometimes just laughing loud seeing the innocent faces and remembering all those crazy things we used to do. In the same time I was narrating a few crazy incidents of my friends to my daughter. She was listening to me and getting excited. She was so excited that she again and again hugged me and kissed me. We both had a really great time. She started comparing the present look of my friends who are in Face Book and their look of yonder years and laugh. 

At this hour I am not able to sleep remembering all those wonderful days. So just thought of getting up from the bed and jotting down my feelings. Am so overwhelmed and thankful to my dear friend Sazid from the core of my heart to help bring back a few glimpse of those wonderful days. Also it makes me wonder how unpredictable our desires are - sometimes we spent a fortune to be a little happy but still crave to get it and sometimes small small things give us loads of happiness. 

Really, childhood memories are the incomparable treasures of ones lifetime. 


  1. lovely post!! was that in Silchar? which school?

    1. Thanks for liking the post..No, its in Guwahati..St.Stephen's School..actually my parental home is in in-laws are from Silchar..


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