The Hoogly River On a Wet Evening

Few beautiful pictures captured by Anindya on one of his official visits to a building on the bank of the Hoogly river. I have never seen such a beautiful sight of my city. Seeing the pictures thought of sharing it on my blog. Also, I was not finding anything to blog about from so many days. 

The pictures were taken on a cloudy and wet evening. The sky looked gorgeous with the golden sunlight amidst the clouds.  

Beautiful reflection of the sun on the river.........

The sun preparing to set for the day...

The ship on the bank waiting for its next voyage.....

The Millennium Park on the bank of the river

View of the park from far

A railway track amidst the park. I wonder if trains ply on this track....

The busiest Strand Road looks deserted because of the wet weather....

Everything looks so fresh and lively

 The Howrah Bridge(Rabindra Setu). Pride of Kolkata.

The Howrah station on the left side of the bridge......

The second Hoogly Bridge(Vidyasagar Setu)

The sun finally sets with the message that it will again rise the next day with new hope and a beautiful new day.


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    1. Thanks a lot Shrinidhi..keep visiting..

  2. Beautifully captured!!

    Good to see you back!

    1. Thanks Deepak..

      Something or the other keeping me away..

  3. Interesting pictures, Ranita. I like the one with the street lights show so much yellow amidst the green.

  4. So beautiful capture. Thanks for your post.

  5. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  6. I think you haven't posted (or I haven't seen) for a long time about performances of your kid. I hope you are giving due encouragement. :)

  7. How beautiful moments of Hoogly captured on camera!

  8. Beautiful photographs, Indeed! I glad you got and share a treasure of the your tour.. the city looking beautiful in your photographs. such sounds a enjoyable tour..
    my new post about an amazing land "Gulmarg- A Heaven of Kashmir Valley"

  9. Thank you for this beautiful look into your world, Ranita.


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