Thursday, 26 June 2014

Spam Comments

From last few days I am receiving so many spam comments on a particular post that it is driving me crazy. My blog does not have too much traffic. But among these less traffic also I am getting on an average ten spam messages per day. It is not that I have not received such messages earlier but of late I am getting too many a day and on the particular post only.

Photo courtesy : Google
I do not know why my post A Healthy Breakfast is attracting so much traffic and that too all fake. I do not know much about the technicalities of blogging and now I am seriously getting concerned if there is any serious problem with my blog. Most of the spammers are from United States and RUSSIA. 

Is it normal to get such spam messages in blogs? I just feel if these spam readers would have spent a few seconds reading the post genuinely and leave a message, then I would have surely visited their blogs. I do not know what they get doing such bluffs. Are they able to attract any visitors doing such things? I wonder!

I sometimes feel to block anonymous comments but I have many anonymous friends who genuinely visit my blog and read and comment. If I do so, they will not be able to comment any more. The spam comments give me a feeling of window shoppers visiting a shop with no intension of buying anything, rather messing the shop. Aaargghhhhh!!!!

A screen shot of only a one forth portion of messages I received during 24th night and 26th June morning :

If anyone can provide any solution, it will be appreciated.   

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Scholarship Examination

Akanksha before entering the exam hall
Today Akanksha appeared for a National level junior dance scholarship examination organised by the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training(CCRT). She was one among three dancers of Manipuri Dance stream but the lone candidate from her dance school. But there were hundreds of students from the Bharat Natyam stream.

She was under the guidance of Guru Kalavati Devi, Bimbabati Devi, Kunja Singh and Arpita Saha. They amidst their tight schedules managed to regularly train her. Apart of her regular classes Akanksha was provided innumerable extra classes by them. We are really thankful to her school, her dance teachers and the seniors who helped her in every step.

Her dance teachers Sri Kunja Singh and Arpita Saha who accompanied her to the examination hall said that she has given her best and that they are happy with her performance- both practical and oral. For me the teachers satisfaction was more then anything else. Now, its upto the judges and God. Also want to thank Akankksha for agreeing on taking all the trouble in between her studies to prepare for the same. Though it was always pushing her from behind but I think learning the art was up to her. Willingly or unwillingly she abide by what she was expected of by the teachers and we the parents. 

Since the parents are not allowed to enter inside the exam hall I could not get any photographs. Sharing a few I clicked with my cell phone before she entered the examination hall. 

Akanksha with her dance teacher Sri Kunja Singh

Akanksha with her dance teacher Arpita Saha who took the major initiative preparing her for the examination

With Anupama Devi, her senior who was there to put the tilak on Akanksha's forehead and sing for her..

Akanksha with one of her fellow Manipuri dance contastant

Half the battle over and waiting for the final result. Do not know what the result will be but it is for sure that facing such national level competition will certainly help otherwise introvert Akanksha to open up and boost her confidence. 

N.B: Since I was busy with Akanksha with her final rehearsals I was not able to visit any of my friends' blogs. Will certainly be regular now onwards.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Miss U

Why do I remember you when I am sad..

Why do I need you when I am happy..

Why I feel so lonely without you..

Why hiding my emotions give so much pain..

Even when I have made up my mind, I will move on without you..

Why you keep lingering on my thoughts..

Its so hard to be without you..

Whom should I go and tell..

I hope you too feel the same..

Who else will know the pain..

Still we have to move on, as we have different priorities to meet..

Silently praying that you be always happy in your world..

But still after so many years, I wonder why..

Tears roll down whenever I remember you dad!

Miss you so much Dad!!!!!!!

You meant the world to me......

Happy Father's Day......

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Plight Beyond Hope

Photo courtesy Facebook 
Last Saturday I opened my Facebook and saw a quote uploaded by a fellow Fb friend. It read - "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always". Every time I read it I like it very much. I always find it so meaningful. 

That day the whole day I was alone as both father and daughter had a lunch invitation at dotty's dance class. They returned home at around 3.30 pm and the Mister went out in a hurry saying that he would explain everything after he returns. He just said that he was taking a nephew of us along with him and that he was going to meet a person he never met before. I was worried when he did not return till 12 midnight. I called him up and found that he was parking the car. When he entered, he looked exhausted and starving. After having his dinner he narrated what he was up to.

Anindya received a call from one of his friend from Bangladesh when he was in Akanksha's dance class, saying that a man from Bangladesh was in Kolkata and was facing trouble to cross the inter country border with the dead body of his daughter he took to Chennai for treatment and asked him if he could help him in any way. Anindya said that at first he thought that the person's daughter died at a hospital in Chennai and he wanted to take her body to his motherland and as he wanted to take a dead body he might be facing  some problems with the paper work. He thought that he would meet that person and take him to the concerned office and make the papers ok. But when he went there and met the man and listened his story, Anindya said he was awestruck. He could not believe what he was listening.

Anindya said that when he met the person, the man seemed to heave a sigh of relief, to find a fellow community man in a foreign land. Then he narrated what happened to him. He told that he is a teacher by profession and has two daughters - the elder one is eighteen years and the younger one is nine years old. His younger daughter was diagnosed with brain tumour in Bangladesh. To provide the best medical treatment, he brought her to Chennai, in India. But the tumour was in such an advanced stage that the medical authorities asked him to take her back home. But her condition was so bad that neither the airlines or the railways were willing to provide her a ticket to Kolkata.

But, a desperate father booked an ambulance for seventy thousand rupees (Rs.70,000/-) and started their journey from Chennai to Bongaon. Bongaon is the place near Indo-Bangla border, from where they were supposed to cross the border. In the ambulance was his wife, his eldest daughter, he himself and his ailing daughter. After travelling for quite some time his daughter looked quite healthy and fresh. He said that, he thought that might be with the thought of returning home she was feeling better. But the condition of the road was so pathetic that he himself, a hale and hearty person was finding it tiresome and he said how much his ailing daughter would have suffered. Suddenly, the girl made a sound like a hiccup and she never opened her eyes. 

The forlorn parents drove all the way to Kolkata with the body of their deceased daughter and got her admitted at a hospital where she was declared to be brought dead. The parents then continued their journey towards the border after taking the death certificate from the hospital. But it was not the end of their plight. They were denied permission to cross the border as the papers to cross the dead body was not complete.

The father then with the help of some local volunteers managed to keep the body in a morgue and his wife and daughter in a hotel in Bongaon and he booked a car and came back to Kolkata and the whole day he was wandering cluelessly from one office to another. It was only after Anindya and Santosh (our nephew) met him that the actual official procedure started. So, for the final permission they were asked to go the next day morning at 10 am. They dropped the man at a city hotel and they returned home.

Next day too Anindya and Santosh were  there with the man, struggling with the government procedures, till the job was done and they helped him board a train to Bongaon. The man after crossing the boarder called up Anindya to let him know that they were able to cross the border. After that Anindya looked relieved.

After I heard the whole story I was just not able to react. I was just thinking, what would have been the condition of the parents. If I would have been in that state I would have gone mad and it was also the reaction of Anindya. I was at the same time glad that Anindya was able to help the unfortunate father. I could not sleep that night and felt that God had shown me the truth of the quote with an example. It is so very true that, "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always"