Friday, 1 May 2020

Dear Childhood

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Hunting for so long, 
Tirelessly and desperately.
With the belief, will surely find you someday.
The more I try, 
  You seem to be away.

The other day, finding you, 
I cried my heart out in joy.
 "Hey! wake up, seems you have a bad dream', said someone.
 Dear childhood, will you ever return someday?

Thursday, 3 October 2019


Excerpt of tour to Assam and Meghalaya by my daughter, almost two years back. It was her first tour to our native region as a tourist and her happiness knew no bound. She was mesmerised by the beauty of mother nature.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Life Is More Precious

Rita waited for her husband's return home from work, with his favourite food ready to be served. Her seven years old daughter was asleep while her two years old bubbly daughter was still awake. Rita was cheerful after days because her husband Krishna promised her the other day that he will give up drinking, that too swearing on his daughters.

The bell rang, Rita opened the door and found Krishna drunk. She could not believe what she saw. She could not believe that the father of her daughters did not keep his words even after vouching on their daughters. They had a heated argument. It was a daily phenomenon in their life. As usual Krishna went to sleep without having his food.

Rita was furious and crying unconsolably. Whenever they had a fight, Rita used to threaten to end her life someday, so, thinking it to be a regular thing Krishna did not pay heed to her. But that day, she, in a fit of rage drenched with kerosene and set herself on fire. When the fire caught she did not move nor did she scream. She wanted her husband to see her burn. But he was so much drunk that he did not even noticed what was happening.

After twenty minutes Krishna awoke hearing the cry of their two years old daughter and found his love of life ablaze. He couldn't believe that Rita actually tried to kill herself. He took her to the nearest hospital but the doctor's seemed helpless before the 90% burned Rita. She succumbed to her injuries just after giving the statement to the police that - nobody was responsible for her burns. She before dying told Krishna that she loved him very much and wanted to lead a peaceful life with him and that she didn't want to kill herself. She just wanted to scare him and teach him a lesson. 

Krishna's life got shattered. His two years old is still in a state of shock and lost her voice. She cannot speak. There was nobody to look after his little daughters. He now drank more. Since there was no one to look after the children, Rita's mother brought Rita's uncle of about 58 years from the village. This uncle is a bachelor and unemployed. So, it was possible for him to come and stay with Krishna and his daughters. 

Few months went smoothly. This uncle took good care of the children, cook food, clean the house, took the elder daughter to school. He did everything what Rita used to do. Krishna also now worked with a free mind. 

But as it is said that peace does not stay for long. That day Krishna returned home from work early and found the door locked from inside. He peeped inside the room through the window. He could not believe what he saw. He screamed his heart out and broke open the door and went inside. He found the old man, whom he gave the place of his daughters' grandfather was raping his seven years old daughter. The child told his father sobbingly after much interrogation that her grandfather was doing the act from quite few days and that he had threatened to kill her if she told anybody. 

The neighbourhood boys had caught hold of the old man and after a  good thrashing handing him to the police. 

This incident is so scary. It made me think hard whom to believe and whom not to. 

This is not a fictional story. It really happened to a watchman in our locality. Do not know where our society is heading to. How can a mind be so dirty? How can anybody ever think of doing such an act to a child of seven years. Also, I do not understand what honey does alcohol have. It does no good to anybody. It only ruin houses. But still it seem that the craze for this cursed thing is growing day by day. 

Is a bottle of alcohol more precious then the life of loved ones? Can Krishna get back whatever he lost because of his craze for the bottle of poison? This is the story of only one Krishna. But there might be so many other Krishnas whose lives are getting ruined. 

Monday, 17 August 2015

After a long gap and.....

Its been more than a year I was out of the blogging world and I am once again trying very hard to dare to write something into my blog. I do not know if my blogging friends who used to be kind enough to visit my blog still remember me or not. 

I do not know what kept me away from blogging. I found nothing to write or it would be right to say that I was having a mental block. It is not that after a year I am here and right away I am writing this post. N number of times I tried to write something but hesitated. Today also, I am not sure I shall publish whatever I am writing.

It was not that I did not have anything to write. The last whole year had a few happy and proud moments which were worth sharing with you all. I am not sure you all will be interested in reading what I am writing because it is just about me. Because I always find it easy to write something which I have experienced. With the hope that you all will support me as you did earlier, I am daring to continue.

Akanksha, if you all remember, appeared for a national junior merit scholarship for dance (Scholarship Examination) last year, was awarded with the same. She is the sole recipient from the state of West Bengal in Manipuri Dance form and will continue to receive the scholarship till the age of twenty.  

The father was also not behind.He was awarded the Pre-Sales Champion for the year 2014(Eastern Region) by Symantec. Also he was one among four employees in his company who was awarded as the best sales person of the year. Four of them were gifted with an iPhone 6 by the Managing Director of the company.

Aren't these some of the proud moments for me to share with you all. Yet I was held back by something. Apart from all these, my man, a secret admirer of my writings, gifted me with a Canon SLR, might be with the hope that wifey will use it productively. But it is lying inside the cupboard, unused.                     

What I did the whole year? I just sometimes sit and ponder. I had become so lazy that I even do not regularly read the newspaper, so reading books is a far off thing. I do not watch the idiot box either. I do not meet friends too often. My maid comes and does the house hold chores. I do not login to my blog nor do I regularly visit my fellow blogger's blogs, as I used to do. So what do I do? I am awestruck. Still the whole day I do not get time. I am always in a hurry. For what I do not know. When people ask why don't you write now a days. I reply that I am not able to make time to write. But I find myself doing nothing productive and not getting time is I feel just an excuse.

Why am I feeling like this? Is this a phase of life that will fade with time. Do all who are of my age or who crossed that age, faced the same, or am I an exception? Will I ever get the flow to write something, at least to keep my blog updated and continue my sweetest bonding with my wonderful friends of the blogging world. 

I do not know what I wrote but this time I am going to publish this because I need to break the silence. Today when I logged in I got scared and found my blog in the verge of extinction. Not a single viewer the whole day and all time viewers count also fell considerably. So, keeping my finger crossed and with the hope that my friends will atleast peep into my blog someday and surprise me, I am publishing this stupid post today.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Uditi, The Doll

Just wanted to share the different moods of my niece Uditi, captured on lens, by Anindya on the day we visited them a few days back. She is a doll whom we have never heard crying. She is a heavenly bliss, whose sight always brings a smile on everyones face.

Excited to see Akanksha

Watching Akanksha having chips without sharing with her
Happy to see Akanksha offering her one

Frowned when Akanksha teased by putting the chips back into the packet

Waiting eagerly to taste it

"Aah! Please a bit first" :)
Confused with the taste (tasting for the first time)

"Umm! not bad"

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Spam Comments

From last few days I am receiving so many spam comments on a particular post that it is driving me crazy. My blog does not have too much traffic. But among these less traffic also I am getting on an average ten spam messages per day. It is not that I have not received such messages earlier but of late I am getting too many a day and on the particular post only.

Photo courtesy : Google
I do not know why my post A Healthy Breakfast is attracting so much traffic and that too all fake. I do not know much about the technicalities of blogging and now I am seriously getting concerned if there is any serious problem with my blog. Most of the spammers are from United States and RUSSIA. 

Is it normal to get such spam messages in blogs? I just feel if these spam readers would have spent a few seconds reading the post genuinely and leave a message, then I would have surely visited their blogs. I do not know what they get doing such bluffs. Are they able to attract any visitors doing such things? I wonder!

I sometimes feel to block anonymous comments but I have many anonymous friends who genuinely visit my blog and read and comment. If I do so, they will not be able to comment any more. The spam comments give me a feeling of window shoppers visiting a shop with no intension of buying anything, rather messing the shop. Aaargghhhhh!!!!

A screen shot of only a one forth portion of messages I received during 24th night and 26th June morning :

If anyone can provide any solution, it will be appreciated.   

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Scholarship Examination

Akanksha before entering the exam hall
Today Akanksha appeared for a National level junior dance scholarship examination organised by the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training(CCRT). She was one among three dancers of Manipuri Dance stream but the lone candidate from her dance school. But there were hundreds of students from the Bharat Natyam stream.

She was under the guidance of Guru Kalavati Devi, Bimbabati Devi, Kunja Singh and Arpita Saha. They amidst their tight schedules managed to regularly train her. Apart of her regular classes Akanksha was provided innumerable extra classes by them. We are really thankful to her school, her dance teachers and the seniors who helped her in every step.

Her dance teachers Sri Kunja Singh and Arpita Saha who accompanied her to the examination hall said that she has given her best and that they are happy with her performance- both practical and oral. For me the teachers satisfaction was more then anything else. Now, its upto the judges and God. Also want to thank Akankksha for agreeing on taking all the trouble in between her studies to prepare for the same. Though it was always pushing her from behind but I think learning the art was up to her. Willingly or unwillingly she abide by what she was expected of by the teachers and we the parents. 

Since the parents are not allowed to enter inside the exam hall I could not get any photographs. Sharing a few I clicked with my cell phone before she entered the examination hall. 

Akanksha with her dance teacher Sri Kunja Singh

Akanksha with her dance teacher Arpita Saha who took the major initiative preparing her for the examination

With Anupama Devi, her senior who was there to put the tilak on Akanksha's forehead and sing for her..

Akanksha with one of her fellow Manipuri dance contastant

Half the battle over and waiting for the final result. Do not know what the result will be but it is for sure that facing such national level competition will certainly help otherwise introvert Akanksha to open up and boost her confidence. 

N.B: Since I was busy with Akanksha with her final rehearsals I was not able to visit any of my friends' blogs. Will certainly be regular now onwards.

Dear Childhood

Photo courtesy: Google                             Hunting for so long,  Tirelessly and desperately. With the belief, will sure...